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  • MINANO Reverse Organic Water (5.5 Litres)

MINANO Reverse Organic Water (5.5 Litres)

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Minano Drinking Water is a type of organic reduced water that adopts the concept of ‘Return-To-Origin’, using the ARTech technology to return water molecules to their original pure state, with the enhancement of ‘cellular memory’ (37.5°C  body temperature, 9.35mm and 0.003-0.004watt/cm2) to strengthen cellular activity during consumption.

Minano Drinking Water derived from the RO water instead of other types of water, It is because of one simple reason i.e. Minano loves the earth. The brand denotes the importance of cherishing the limited and depleting natural resources on earth with the RO (Reverse Osmosis) water chosen as a sensible choice for its naturally occurring attributes, being derived from nature and being a renewable resource at the same time. Through the ARTech technology, the slightly acidic RO water is converted into slightly alkaline water, making it suitable for drinking.

The natural AR Technology, which is formulated without the presence of medicine, is capable of delaying the proliferation of a variety of streptococci (a group of bacteria). It is specifically developed to boost intracellular water ratio, accelerate cell activation and regeneration rate to minimize allergens in the body and remedy cell activation disorders, and normalize metabolism.

ARTech is the only drinking water plant in the world that champions water intake in its original pure and natural state without processing in a fabricated facility. However, our winning formula is the infusion of our proprietary ‘cellular memory’ into the water.

What we mean by the ‘cellular memory’ is the three ‘embedded memories’ – cellular temperature, cellular pulse of electromagnetic field, and cellular electromagnetic waves (e.g. the frequency of light waves from the sun as absorbed by the cells).

Optimal cellular temperature is set at 37.5°C (99.5° F); cellular pulse of electromagnetic field is maintained at 0.003 ~ 0.004 (V/M); cellular electromagnetic waves (light waves) are fixed between 9.35 and 9.36+/-.

Put it simply, water endows our body with vitality (life) – every living cell in the body needs it to keep functioning. Our body contains more than 70% water, therefore the human body has two different physiological reactions: biophysics and biochemistry.

For people who react biophysically, they can be conditioned by water. For example, a prolonged sun exposure can cause dehydration and it warrants immediate water replenishment in the body.  

  1. Helps relieve constipation – see results in 3 just days by consuming Minano water.
  2. Helps replenish lost water in collagen.
  3. Helps replenish lost calcium.
  4. Helps lower blood pressure by diluting the salt in the blood.
  5. Helps lower blood lipids (cholesterol) at room temperature with the nourishment favoured by a 37.5°C body temperature that breaks down greasy food optimally.
  6. Helps reduce blood sugar.
  7. Helps slow down the spread of cancer cells – 14 days of consistent Minano water intake will help constrain the continuing spread of cancer cells.
  8. Helps dilate and relax blood vessels by 30% while accelerating blood flow by 2 to 3 times, which is equivalent to the after-exercise blood flow state, including its velocity, for fatigue reduction.
  9. Helps strengthen the functioning of hematopoiesis and repair cells, balance the hormones, maintain the health of your endocrine system, and prevent diseases.

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